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AmTTech - Arlington

AmTTech - Arlington
3301 Pleasant Valley Lane Arlington Texas 76015 United States


Associated Machine Tool Technologies, Inc. (“AmTTech”) was founded in 1991 to provide manufacturers with quality-built CNC machine tools, along with reliable service to keep those machines cutting metal.

Today the company offers a broad range of product lines that can cover all your CNC machine tool needs. These include Hwacheon, Soraluce, WFL, SNK-Niigata, and YCM. AmTTech is always adding additional products to better serve the ever-changing market.

The company’s highly qualified and dedicated engineers and technicians stand ready to assist you with your CNC machine tool service and parts needs. They strive to respond to requests for service within 16 business hours, and are more than happy to work in the evenings or on the weekends at your request for a surcharge, to lessen the impact of down time.

Whether you are a large or small operation, please feel free to call or visit anytime to see how the AmTTech can put together a solution to take your production processes to the next level.

Customer Review

Van, Texas
They normally get here sooner then they say...
I’ve never had a problem with AmTTech. They normally get here sooner then they say. They are very knowledgeable and I am always pleased with their service.
5 5 star

Adam, Texas
I appreciate their work and their thoroughness...
They’ve been maintaining my equipment since 2004. We’ve built a pretty good relationship and I appreciate their work and their thoroughness.
5 5 star

David, Texas
Usually knock it out in one visit...
No complaints, they’ve done well by us. I tell them the problem and they come out with enough parts to fix it (and then some just in case) and usually knock it out in one visit.
4 4 star

Larry, Texas
They show up in a timely manner, do their job and away they go...
I have no complaints, great company. They show up in a timely manner, do their job and away they go. I am very pleased with their service.
5 5 star

Jeff, Texas
Always responsive and go above and beyond...
Always responsive and go above and beyond anyone in town. Knowledgeable people. A 1st Class organization.
5 5 star

Jay, Texas
I am very pleased...
For me, their service has been very strong. For the past 16 years I’ve been dealing with them I am very pleased.
5 5 star

Jake, Texas
They are awesome...
They are awesome. There are not a lot of resources near our facility so AmTTech’s service really need to be proactive in making sure they know what they need and how to do it and they do. They never waste time or money sitting around waiting. They are a great organization all around.
5 5 star

Jason, Texas
We've never had an issue, they've never left us hanging...
I can’t say enough good about AmTTech. I feel like they really listen to us and jump right on it to get things resolved. We’ve never had an issue, they’ve never left us hanging. They are top notch.
5 5 star

John, Texas
Get you up and running as quick as possible...
If you sell it, you must stand behind it, and that is what AmTTech is all about and they do it very well. Things are going to break, they do everything they can to get out there and get you up and running as quick as possible. They’re great.
5 5 star

Warren, Texas
Well trained, knowledgeable, good people...
Jack has always hired good people. They’ve been consistent the 15 years I’ve worked with them; well trained, knowledgeable, good people.
4 4 star

Jerry, Texas
One of the highlights of vendors in this industry...
I find little issue to complain about their service, they are knowledgeable and get things done. They are one of the highlights of vendors in this industry.
4 4 star

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